Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Current projects

Since we released the last update, we have:

    -implemented imports of outside models, rather than coding them.

    -allowed visual cues for being cleared to leave the station when device is on silent.

    -a more evil scoring system, you now get penalised  for braking too harshly when stopping.

What we want to get done for the next update:

    -switches, parallel tracks , other trains waiting at stations.

    -speed limits around tighter curves.

    -including a station on the left side of the tracks in the tutorial ride

    -improving tutorial with better explanation of speed limit signs.

    -a few more scenery models to make things more interesting

What we want to do for the update after that:

    -implementing lay-bys for players to pull into and wait while automated train go past.

    -hills and mountains.

    -a few hand crafted tracks with specific challenges.


  1. Awesome! Keep up the good work :D

  2. Me too.I buy and am looking forward to updates. Thank you.