Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Things to Remember...

At this point in time, this blog is more for putting down any ideas we come up with along the way, and because we're so busy doing other things, we may forget. This will be a record of those ideas, that we can come back to, and strike off as we implement them. For now we want to:

-Have undulating landscape by using a random number generator ( X +rand.nextFloat() *Y), with  varying, X & Y determined by loops, as well as 10 meter segments of ground, to give hill and valleys on either side of the track, as well as the track running along ridges and valleys.

-Curved tracks and switches. Not sure how we are going to implement these yet, but we'll think of something

-Prettying the HUD, at the moment it's really basic, this shouldn't be difficult, but it will effect performance, and is low priority for now.

-Overhead power cables, generated every ~70m or so, unless in the middle of a road, overpass etc.

-Bigger stations with multiple tracks, more signals, bigger towns and small cities.

-different route types, city, country and wilderness.

-disable buttons during track generation, add loading screen etc.

-new pieces: airfield, seaside, cut hills, cliffs, highway, lighthouse, windmills

The plan for today:

-Rivers, churches, texturing station building- T.

-Finishing tutorial, cleaning main menu, and prepping for alpha release - M.

If anyone has any suggestions how we can improve, or things we can add, then please, feel free to leave a comment :)

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